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Hi, Iu0027m Ellie. Iu0027ve been publishing low-content books on Amazon for a little while and I have
been selling PLR online since 2012. I know what sells and I know how to make products that people buy.


My name is Ellie and Iu2019m the owner of Fruitful Creatives. Iu2019ve been publishing low-content books on Amazon for a little while now and I have been selling PLR online since 2012. I created Fruitful Creatives to be a one-stop shop for low content publishing interiors. I specialize in coloring and activity book interiors. However, I do sell the odd journal pack as well.

What Is Low Content Publishing?

Amazon Kindle Publishing or Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a print on demand service offered by Amazon. Users can create PDF book interiors and book covers and upload them via an online account. Amazon then sells these books on their stores throughout the world and they take care of everything from selling and printing to shipping. Itu2019s probably one of the easiest business models in terms of complexity but itu2019s very competitive.

In order to stand a chance against the thousands of books out there you need high quality designs. If youu2019re doing journals, you need quality interiors and even higher quality covers. If youu2019re doing coloring books and activity books you will need high quality print ready graphics that donu2019t pixelate when blown up to the size of a big book. You need high quality vector graphics for basically everything you do on KDP u2013 or any other print on demand service.

Fruitful Creatives provides the best quality print-ready illustrations for all your projects. We use mainly vector illustrations with at least 300 dpi. We primarily offer 8.5 by 11 inch graphics and page templates for coloring and activity books but we also offer 6 x 9 inch journal pages and designs.u00a0

Can You Still Make Money With Low Content Publishing?

Yes! Absolutely, yes!

However, Iu2019m not going to lie to you. Itu2019s not as easy as it once was. Like almost everything else on the internet, itu2019s becoming very competitive. Some people use the word u201csaturatedu201d but I donu2019t agree. There will always be room for high quality books and the trick to making it u201cbigu201d with Amazon KDP or any other print on demand business is to offer quality over quantity. Yes, itu2019s a numbers game to some extent but if youu2019re uploading rubbish then youu2019re not going to see big results.

High quality books including coloring books, activity books, journals and guest books are definitely the way forward. To succeed on Amazon KDP, you need high quality designs for your books, a good research strategy and to adhere to all of Amazonu2019s rules for using their service.

Learning How To Publish Coloring Books On KDP

If you are just starting out andu00a0 you are interested in learning how to get started and build the best foundation for your business then you should sign up for our free 3 Steps To Publishing Your First Coloring Book On KDP guide today!