Color designsu00a0can be used for so many different things. You can use them for theu00a0covers you create, printable designs, journal coversu00a0in certain niches andu00a0more!

Creatingu00a0high quality coversu00a0is one of theu00a0hardest parts of this business. When it comes to publishing a book itu2019s super important to have a cover that grabs peoplesu2019 attention, looks great and helps the user understand what theyu2019re in for when they buy!

Youu2019ve heard ofu00a0u201cjudging a book by itu2019s coveru201du00a0right? Well, itu2019s something you need to remember when doing self-publishing, low-content books.

Theseu00a0wonderful colored designsu00a0will help you achieve just that. You can use these colored designs on your covers, in printables and even on your own website if you promote your book u2013 the possibilities are endless!


30 High Quality Colored Designs…

30 Full Colored Pages


Iu0027m providingu00a0bothu00a0theu00a0line drawings in color and the full pagesu00a0in color.u00a0This gives you sooo many options when it comes to designing your covers!

Thatu0027s 2 full sets of colored assets for you to use -u00a0the options are endless!

Just like the illustrations you already have, these are all in SVG and PNG format. They are 300 DPI and come with the commercial and print on demand license.

If you want to create the best quality coloring books (which obviously, you do!) then these background illustrations will help you do just that.

u2018Fun In Space Gold Editionu2018 has a special launch price of just $37 but after launch it will rise to $47.

If you really want to get into the coloring and activity book market then you are exactly where you need to be u2013 hit that buy button and take that next step right now!


Speak soon,
Ellie @ Fruitful Creatives

[YES]u00a0You can use these for your own personal and commercial use with unlimited print usage.

[YES]u00a0You can use these files u201cas isu201d for commercial, print on demand and personal use.

[YES]u00a0You can edit the files in anyway, such as, adding more detail or patterns and the personal use, print on demand and commercial rights above will still apply.

[NO]u00a0You CANNOT sell or give away PLR rights,u00a0resell rights, master resell rights or any other rights to these files.

[NO]u00a0You CANNOT include, give or sell the source files to clients or customers. All files must be flattened before selling.

[NO]u00a0You CANNOT publish the content in any way that connects it to me (Ellie Ruse), the Fruitful Creatives brand, or otherwise imply my endorsement or association with any project or product you make using these files.

All designs will cost $37 and after the initial launch period it will increase to $47.

All designs will be available in SVG and PNG format.

We provide the designs in PNG and SVG format. Youu00a0canu00a0edit the text and swap out images if you like using photo editing software.u00a0

The primary reason why we created this pack is to create activity books that can be sold on the KDP platform. However, you can use these designs on any platform and any product in a print on demand business. The activity kits really lend themselves to homeschooling and printables or teachables.

There areu00a0no refundsu00a0on our digital products.

Send a quick email tou00a0support@fruitfulcreatives.comu00a0and I will get you sorted.