I’m addicted to low-content designs

I started publishing low content books just after Christmas. I spent most of the Christmas holidays working – something I’ve not done for years. Since then I’ve not made a huge number of sales or anything but I am enjoying myself more than I have in years.

I have made about 20 books in a few different niches and I’m totally addicted. I can’t stop researching and planning and designing. It’s great!

I’m so glad I’ve found something that I enjoy again. It’s been a long time since I’ve really enjoyed my online business and this stuff is super fun. I enjoy every part of the process from the research, the creation of the interior to the cover design and even the upload process isn’t too bad!

I’m working on getting better at my research because I think my low sales are to do with competition levels. I think I’m targeting niches that are too high competition so I’m going to work on really researching deep down into a niche and finding a spot where I can dominate.

I really hope I can make this work as a full time income and I’m going to blog my progress to keep me motivated and accountable. I already work full time online but am pivoting my business towards low-content in a few ways.

First, I’ve got my low-content publishing business. Second, I am working on researching a real non-fiction book for kindle publishing. Thirdly, I’m working on releasing some low-content bundles to help other low-content publishers who perhaps don’t have the design skills necessary to put stuff out.

With those three projects – as well as two children under 3 at home – I’ve got my work cut out for me. Good job I enjoy it, eh?

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