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What is Superhero Fun Coloring?

u0022u0022Superhero Fun Coloring is anu00a0coloring book kitu00a0that comes with au00a0commercial license and unlimited print on demand usage rights.

Coloring books are becoming increasingly popular over on Amazonu0027s KDP platform. You can give your customers a shortcut to creating high quality coloring books by promoting this product.

A kit comprised of illustrations, backgrounds, full coloring pages and even some full color designs throughout the funnel.


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Theu00a0Front Endu00a0offer includesu00a030 High Quality Designs in SVG and PNG format.

Upsell #1 -u00a0The bronze edition containsu00a030 background images in SVG and PNGu00a0format as well as au00a0further 30 images with the designs incorporated into the backgrounds.

Upsell #2 -u00a0The silver edition containsu00a030 full color characters in SVG and PNG format. This will make creating covers for books easy and give users an edge over the competition.u00a0

Upsell #3 -u00a0The gold edition is what is going to help your customers sell their coloring books or print on demand products withu00a0fully colorized versions of the backgroundsu00a0and full pages make designing covers a breeze.

Theu00a0special launch periodu00a0runs fromu00a010am EDTu00a0on the 14th of January untilu00a023.59pmu00a0on the 17th of January.



Terms & Conditions
1. The main contest will start on January 14th at 10:00 AM (EDT) and will end at 11:59 PM on January 17th, 2021.
2. The contest is based on Sales.
3. 30 FE sales minimum for the first prize, 20 FE sales minimum for the second prize and 10 for the third
4. If minimum sales arenu0027t met, youu0027ll be paid the next prize if the minimum requirements have been achieved.
5. After the contest, the price will be increased by at least $10.


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