I Love The Tech Side Of Things

Whew! I just spent all day setting up my new website (backend membership type thing) and a sales page for my upcoming product launch. I love this part – I’ve always enjoyed the tech-side of setting up my sites and how it all links to Warrior+Plus etc. My KDP business took a back seat the last few days while I took a break. I was obsessing over the stats and constantly checking my KDP dashboard. It’s really hard to avoid …

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I’m addicted to low-content designs

I started publishing low content books just after Christmas. I spent most of the Christmas holidays working – something I’ve not done for years. Since then I’ve not made a huge number of sales or anything but I am enjoying myself more than I have in years. I have made about 20 books in a few different niches and I’m totally addicted. I can’t stop researching and planning and designing. It’s great! I’m so glad I’ve found something that I …

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