Technical Dramas

So I’ve been having some issues with my website lately. Namely updating plugins. I use WordPress to run my website and have used WordPress for all my sites for as long as I can remember.

I go to update my plugins, as you do, and for some reason it just comes back as a blank page every time. After working through some things with my host, it turns out that my VPS was running out of memory – problem solved. Memory upgraded and everything should be fixed.

Still not working…

Nope! Still wasn’t working – internal server errors were now becoming a major problem with customers contacting me via Facebook to let me know my site was down – never a good thing.

So my host are back to work trying to figure out what the problem is. I manually updated several of the plugins via FTP without any issues until I get to Thrive Architect. Thrive Themes is what I used to build all my sales page, JV pages and bonus pages. It’s a very powerful page builder and one I love using.

Found the culprit!

However, Thrive Themes is the culprit for all these issues. We still don’t know what the actual problem is but for some reason, my site will not reinstall Thrive Architect at the moment. I have tried deleting the entire plugin from my site and reinstalling using the Product Manager but it still won’t have it.

Obviously, this is causing some major problems. Not least of which the promotion I have planned for Huw Hughes product launch tomorrow. I have a great bonus lined up and at the moment I can’t showcase it properly.

I’ve sent the error codes and troubleshooting guideance to my host in the hope they can figure it out for me – luckily I have one of the best hosting providers in Cyberwurx and I’m very grateful for how far they go to help me at time.

Fingers crossed it’s all going to be resolved in time for me to get my bonus page up and running for Huw’s launch tomorrow! I’m working hard on getting a really good bonus together for my customers so hopefully it’ll all work out!

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